Sunday, August 1, 2010

Become a Reiki Master for $299

Why become a Reiki Master?
Open your mind and your heart to the Reiki energy healing system and help others. You must have a desire to learn Reiki healing techniques and a desire to pass your knowledge onto others. That is what a master does...
Train in the Usui Reiki system through a Reiki school such as the Reiki Ranch, private or class instruction from a Reiki Master or through a healing arts center offering Reiki classes at a local college community program .There are Reiki classes all over the country!

To become a Reiki Master you first must Pass through Level I and II of the Reiki grades. Both are done in a similar format, taught in a weekend or two depending on the instructor. Or you can become a Reiki Master for $299 at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington state. In one weekend you can become a Reiki Master starting with a free Reiki level I workshop.

Choose a Reiki Master to learn from on an individual basis. Find one who lives in a location nearby. Reiki Master is more intensive training than the Level I and II classes. Try a session or two with one Master to make sure you are a good fit. If not, select another Master until you have found one that works best for you. Do not take online training.

Complete an apprenticeship with a Reiki Master which might include assisting her/his training others. Some Masters require an apprenticeship of up to one year and charge $10,000..
Have your Reiki Master teach you how to market it to others and then Teach what you have learned to your students. Reiki Masters become teachers of the art--when you become a Reiki Master, you are expected to pass on your knowledge to Reiki students and practitioners.You really don't have to teach until you are comfortable with being a teaching Reiki Master.