Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reiki Classes in Washington

How does Reiki help?
Take a Reiki Class and you will find it creating a natural flow of Source and life force energy in the client.

Some of the effects of Reiki training and healing are the following:

  1. promotes total health and wellness
  2. Balances energy
  3. eliminates and releases negativism
  4. promotes positive energy in the aura/energy field
  5. increase and improves the flow of our chakra life force energy
  6. Reiki makes your frequency of flow higher
  7. reduces the tendency to be ill
  8. supports healthy daily functioning
  9. increases the flow of money and prosperity when the person focuses on wealth

Where are the classes held: The Reiki Ranch school, Reiki Seattle, Reiki Olympia, reiki Longview, Reiki Chehalis, Reiki Tumwater, Reiki Olympia, and Federal way, WA.

Being a Reiki Master we are able to do remote long distance and self healings every day. The more Reiki you flow the happier you are.

With Reiki School healing, we are healed day in and day out.

With positive thoughts radiating in our aura the Law of Attraction, positive energy resonates in the world and the entire cosmic energetic life bringing us health, wealth, and well-being.